Car Insurance Bulgaria


Autotrade Brokers Ltd. is a mediator in the conclusion and execution of insurance contracts and services related thereto.

We offer insurances with broad and flexible insurance coverage bounded by the customer’s individual needs, as well as quick and accurate assistance when signing the insurance and qualitative service in case of insurance event occurrence.

We perform the following mandatory insurances instead of you:


FULL CAR INSURANCE covers risks of theft or car robbery, road accidents, malicious acts, etc

Third-party liability insurance

If you need additional safety we could take out an insurance as well. Accidents in vehicle seats.

Seat accident insurance
Seat accident insurance offers insurance protection for ALL car passengers, including the driver.

Property insurances
They provide protection for company properties and interests of legal entities and sole traders related to these properties. Insurances include personal property coverage for natural entities.

Tourist and personal insurances
Insurances for travelling abroad, against accidents or illness.

Liability insurance
Civil liability of legal entities.

Eco fee
Concerns all vehicles purchased outside the member states of the European Union and is also applied in case the vehicle comes from an EU member state, but its first registration is outside the Union.


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