New and used cars leasing


GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF AUTOTRADE OOD as part of a financial leasing contract

1. The subject of the contract is the LEASE PROPERTY /the car/. It is provided for use by the Leaser to the Leaseholder against payment by the latter of initial installment, costs for document processing and monthly lease installments until the complete payment of the lease price according to the lease schedule agreed /repayment schedule/, formed as a separate Appendix No. 1


2. /1/ The LEASE PROPERTY is a property of the Leaser, and the Leaseholder is the holder of the lease property for the complete effective period of the contract. The Leaseholder shall be entitled to acquire the lease property after expiration of the lease period and if he has executed all contractual obligations, based on explicit will for property purchase at the amount specified by the parties upon signing the contract.

/2/ The Leaseholder shall bear all risks and benefits related to the use of the lease property according to its purpose and in compliance with the contract terms from the moment of its signing by the parties.




The Leaser shall register and insure the lease property for his/her benefit and at the expense of the Leaseholder according to that provided under art. 6, para. 7 of the present contract.


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